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Crime Pays for John Banville

By Tom Deignan Will Real John Banville Please Stand Up! Wexford native and Booker-prize-winner John Banville has spent his celebrated literary career exploring the slippery nature of identity and reality. Characters in Banville’s dazzling, challenging novels, such as The Untouchable or Athena, slip in and out of personas, and conceal so many secrets from friendsRead more..

My Name Is Red

Turkish Writer Orhan Pamuk wins IMPAC Award. ℘℘℘ Dublin: The IMPAC Literary Award was presented on June 14 to Orhan Pamuk for his book My Name Is Red. Worth 100,000 euros, the IMPAC award is considered the most generous literary prize in the world. The winning book, by the Turkish writer and author of sixRead more..

Jim Dwyer: The Journalist

In the aftermath of our national tragedy came the need for understanding. The need to probe the surface, to find the personality behind the name, the stories beneath the rubble. The very best writers brought us those stories. Dwyer, who won a Pulitzer in 1995 in part for his coverage of the “Troubles” in NorthernRead more..