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Hunter Mountain Celtic Festival

The annual Hunter Mountain International Celtic Festival in mid-August brought the melodic sounds of pipes and drums, sweet folk lullabies, and red-hot Irish rock to the Catskills. Live musical performances, authentic Irish food and drink, and Celtic crafts made the International Celtic Festival in upstate New York a visit to the Emerald Isles without theRead more..

Sláinte! Dancing at Lughnasadh

Remember the scene in The Godfather when Vito bit the dust in the tomato patch? The tall plants stood staked in nice neat rows, full of fruit, and bees were buzzing about all over. Well, I too have a tomato plot, but this is my first attempt at vegetable gardening and I simply didn’t allowRead more..

An American in Ireland

Somewhat Removed. ℘℘℘ There was death in Roscommon Town tonight. The street outside Smith’s Funeral Home (which occupies a sad plot opposite the local livestock mart) was packed with cars. As I threaded my way through the crowd, I recognized a few neighbors who were going in. We waved, and I felt a twinge ofRead more..

Waking the Dead

I had never really been all that comfortable with my Irish heritage. I’ve always been scared that our American society views the Irish as a bunch of drinkers, big talkers who cannot be relied upon. It’s not accurate or even generally true, but it’s out there, lurking behind many a conversation. The image of theRead more..