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Sláinte! Dancing at Lughnasadh

Remember the scene in The Godfather when Vito bit the dust in the tomato patch? The tall plants stood staked in nice neat rows, full of fruit, and bees were buzzing about all over. Well, I too have a tomato plot, but this is my first attempt at vegetable gardening and I simply didn’t allowRead more..

Sláinte! Patriotic Potatoes
are Perfect for Summer

In the early days of the American Revolution, a number of battles took place in New England eventually causing the British to flee their Boston stronghold. The flight took place on March 17, 1776. George Washington was commander in chief of the colonial forces. His password for the day was `Saint Patrick.’ I stumbled onRead more..

Sláinte! The Hedgerow Harvest

On my second trip to Ireland half a dozen years ago, a fellow passenger in the Aer Lingus jumbo asked me, “Do you know what happened when St. Patrick got rid of all the snakes?” I took the bait and queried, “What?” With a grin, he replied, “He transformed them into roads!” The next fewRead more..

Sláinte! Rhubarb:
The Sweet & Sour of Irish Pies

Often when I sit down to write Sláinte! I find myself ruminating about my Dad’s favorite foods, which writing this ongoing series has revealed to me are almost always directly related to the dishes his Fermanagh-born and raised mother had prepared. This month, I drew a blank. “What is there,” I mused, “that is connectedRead more..

The Irish Roots of Halloween

Ask anyone to name five favorite holidays, and it’s a sure bet Halloween will be on the list. Then ask how the celebration came to be. More than likely you’ll be told Halloween means All Hallows Eve the night of prayer preceding the Feast of All Saints. Yes, but there’s more to it than that.Read more..

Sláinte! Midsummer’s
Eve: St. John’s Day

One of summer’s finest gifts is its long hours of sunshine. This is especially true the farther one travels from the equator where a midwinter’s night is so long that only a few hours of pale gray twilight feebly light the day. Halfway around the seasonal wheel, the sun blazes forth in the same localeRead more..

The History of Soup

Come fall, the days grow shorter, temperatures drop, and trees shed their leaves. Just as certainly, as soon as there’s a chill in the air and a hint of winter weather creeps onto the scene, we all begin longing for what cookbook authors are fond of calling `comfort food.’ For some folk, that’s a heartyRead more..