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Kabul Pub Is No More

In the last issue we wrote about Kabul’s new Irish pub. Well, it seems that the publicity did not do the pub, frequented by off-duty aid workers and American Embassy personnel, any good. Under warnings of bomb threats, the Irish owners decided to close down. Alcohol is banned in Afghanistan, but the pub had beenRead more..

Hitching in Ireland with Mom

In this land of fiercely independent people, who value their poets as highly as their warriors, our strategy was to be road-warriors by day and elegant country houseguests in the evening…  ℘℘℘ In 1922, my grandfather, James O’Sullivan, a captain in the fight for Ireland’s independence, emigrated from Ireland to the United States via CanadaRead more..

Historic Pubs of Belfast

Think of Irish pubs and the mind turns to Dublin; sipping a pint of Guinness as the sun streams over the aged wooden interiors of Doheny and Nesbitt’s or following the literary trail of Joyce, Behan and Kavanagh through Davy Byrne’s, Mulligans and McDaids. Celebrated in verse and novel, a focal point for every tourist,Read more..