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Irish Place Names:
Limerick, Maine

The history of Limerick, Maine, in York County at the southwest corner of the state, is the history of the everyday: families having children; settlers clearing land, bartering for goods and services, building mills; farmers harvesting and selling at market. In this way, it is unremarkable; but it is also for this normalcy that LimerickRead more..

Irish Place Names: Emmetsburg, Iowa

If you find yourself in north-central Iowa, staring at a statue of Robert Emmet in front of a courthouse, you’re probably there by choice. At 50 miles from the nearest interstate exit, Emmetsburg, Iowa isn’t exactly a regular stop for tourists or cross-country road trippers. But the town has a long Irish history that hibernophilesRead more..

Irish in the Heartland:
St. Patrick, Missouri

Irish Place Names: St. Patrick, MO In the northeast corner of Missouri, 150 miles north of St. Louis and three miles west of the intersection of Highway 61 and State Route Z, an oak grove marks the turnoff to St. Patrick, a small unincorporated community with a rich Hibernian back-story. There, a stonework Irish roundRead more..