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Hall of Fame:
Lawyer, Public Servant, and Peacemaker John C. Dearie

John Dearie may not remember the specific year, but he remembers a very small, very important detail about one New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade in the late 1980s. “I remember seeing all of these people march ing by, county after county. It had to be tens of thousands of men and women marchingRead more..

A Champion of Peace in Ireland

Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Féin, writes about the crucial role that Bill Flynn played in ending the violence in Northern Ireland. ℘℘℘ Bill Flynn is widely known in the U.S.A. as one of its foremost business leaders, as well as a patron of great causes in support of humanitarian, civil liberties and health issues.Read more..

The Quest for Peace

Bill Flynn, the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, and the beginnings of the Northern Ireland peace process. ℘℘℘ The setting was the Elysée Palace in Paris. The event, a gathering of Nobel laureates in January 1988. The hosts, President François Mitterand, Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel, and the newly established Elie Wiesel Foundation forRead more..

The Irish Peacemaker

Niall O’Dowd writes about Bill Flynn’s extraordinary role in the Irish peace process. ℘℘℘ On February 12 1994, Bill Flynn and his trusted friend and associate Bill Barry drove to Belfast to meet with Gerry Adams. (Barry was Chairman of Barry Security Services after leaving an exciting career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.) ItRead more..

An Architect of Peace

Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister, reflects on Bill Flynn’s contribution to peace on the occasion of the Flax Trust Dinner in New York City. ℘℘℘ Over the course of many years, many people have been given a tremendous amount of credit for being architects of the peace process and being involved in contributingRead more..

Troubled Images at
Boston College

A powerful new exhibit of propaganda posters from the bloody conflict in Northern Ireland kicks off an international tour in Boston this March. Boston College’s John J. Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections has assembled 70 posters of political and terrorist propaganda created during The Troubles, representing all sides of the war. “ThisRead more..

Mitchell Honored by
Northern Women

Former Senator George Mitchell was honored for his tireless work for peace in Ireland at the Northern Ireland Women’s Initiative (NIWI) January 21 in New York. NIWI founder and president Maureen Murray said, “The Northern Ireland Women’s Initiative is honored to have Senator Mitchell’s support in our efforts to promote full and equal participation ofRead more..

News from Ireland:
“H Blocks” to Close

Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, 430 Republican and Loyalist prisoners jailed in the notorious “H blocks” have been released as the Maze Prison prepares to close. Only a handful remain who have been ruled ineligible for release because the organizations they belong to are not on the verifiable ceasefire list. These includeRead more..

News from Ireland: Loyalist Feud Erupts in N. Ireland

A feud between two Loyalist paramilitary groups has brought British troops back to the streets of Belfast. Fighting between the Ulster Defense Association (U.D.A.) and the Ulster Volunteer Force (U.V.F.) erupted in August after the U.D.A. organized a parade of uniformed and masked men carrying U.D.A. banners down the Shankill Road in military formation. ThisRead more..

Hibernia: South Armagh

A tourist haven? Tommy Makem thinks so and he held a festival there to prove it. ℘℘℘ June, 2000. A bus packed with American tourists pulls out of Newry and takes the road to South Armagh. On one side it passes a British army observation post, currently being dismantled. On the other, a large posterRead more..