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Irish Army Archives to go Public

The Irish Armed Forces is about to make a huge volume of historical documents available to the public by putting them online for general access. Lieutenant General Sean McCann, Defense Forces’ Chief of Staff, confirmed that an ambitious project will be carried out with the National Archives of Ireland, placing 36,000 pages of material onlineRead more..

Dan Savage

The rise in bully-related suicides in the United States, particularly among homosexual youths, has been no secret in the past few years. Dan Savage, of Chicago Irish stock, began the poignant campaign for youth called, simply, “It Gets Better.” Savage is openly gay, and though he identifies as “a wishy-washy agnostic” he still considers himselfRead more..

A Diary for the Tweople, By the Tweople

The two Irishmen behind Diary of the Tweople There’s no denying the wonderfully wide (and sometimes weird) reach of Twitter – from messages from Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring, to live tweets of the Republican presidential debates, to to-the-minute updates concerning Kim Kardashian’s whereabouts. Since the social networking phenomenon was founded in 2006, itRead more..

The Seisiún Network

Dubliner Tony Lawless may prove to be the Mark Zuckerberg of the traditional Irish music world. On April 28th, he launched TradConnect, a new website that aims to connect trad players all over the world, from cautious beginners to seasoned professionals. Lawless firmly believes that playing with other musicians is the most effective, not toRead more..