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An Irish Slant on the English Language

Terence P. Dolan’s Dictionary of Hiberno-English is not like any other dictionary or, for that matter, like any other reference volume. It’s the first general dictionary of the Irish dialect of English ever published and, in spite of its heady title, a good read for Irish and Irish-American word-hoarders and word-mongers — from the burlyRead more..

Motherfoclóir: A New Kind of Irish Language Revival

Darach Ó Séaghdha has been putting the fun back into the Irish language by translating words into English in a humorous, thought-provoking way, and deftly using Twitter to expand his audience. He now continues the exercise in a new book, Motherfoclóir, in which he also reflects on the role the Irish language played in hisRead more..

Census Reports on Love and Language

The results of the Republic of Ireland’s most recent census, conducted April 24, 2016, were released April 6. The census, which occurs every five years, requires everyone on Irish soil to submit a thorough account of their personal information for the production of updated national statistics. First produced in 1821, the census tracks the changesRead more..

Mother Teanga

The Irish language has roots stretching back at least 5,000 years, and shares words with Sanskrit, the ancient classical language of India.  ℘℘℘ Almost all of us can speak a little Irish, and often do. Words like “galore” and “brogue,” for example, or “smithereens” have all passed directly from Irish into English, often with littleRead more..

A Guide to Pronouncing
Irish Names

In January, actress Saoirse Ronan stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She was there to promote her movie Brooklyn, but the conversation moved into Ronan teaching Colbert (whose ancestry is 15/16 Irish) both how to speak with an Irish accent and how to pronounce traditional Irish names – something that has no doubtRead more..

Awards to U.S. Students
to Study Irish Language

The Ireland-U.S. Commission for Educational Exchange recently awarded 61 U.S. citizens the chance to study the Irish language in the Gaeltacht regions of Ireland this summer including places such as Galway, Derry, and Kerry. It marked the first ever group of 20 U.S. secondary school students to receive the Gaeltacht Summer Award, with 41 undergraduate,Read more..

The Legacy of Danny Cassidy

Our voices carry; and though slumber-bound, Some few half awake… Give tongue, proclaim their hidden name… W.B. Yeats At one point in Quinn’s Book, the fourth novel in William Kennedy’s masterful “Albany Cycle,” a trainload of Famine immigrants passes through Albany. Witnessing this sad procession, narrator Daniel Quinn is told by a companion, “Pay heedRead more..

In the Name of the Fada: Comedian Des Bishop

God help the Irish language!  Faced with insurmountable obstacles, it’s on the brink of extinction. You’ve heard such doom-laden predictions before, perhaps even in articles I’ve written.  But I’ve tired of pessimism.  Instead, I’m here to tell you about a new campaign to revitalize the language. It’s spearheaded by one of Ireland’s most prominent Irish-AmericanRead more..

The Trouble with Irish Language

With the Irish language under threat of extinction, you would think the Gaeltacht, small pockets of Ireland where Irish is still spoken, would be a safe haven for our native tongue.  Not so. The day is drawing to a close and the sun is setting in the sky.  In the dusky light, a farmer stridesRead more..

Irish Language
Confuses Tourists

Visitors to Gaeltacht (Gaelic-speaking) areas on the west coast of Ireland may be in for a surprise, following a government directive on the public use of Irish language. The Placenames Order 2004 makes it a law that all Gaeltacht signposts and maps display place names only in the Irish language. Towns widely known by theirRead more..