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Proudly We Serve

September 11 has become this generation’s “Day of Infamy.” The terrorist attacks forever changed the way we live, and have made our daily lives more difficult. A secure environment can no longer be presumed. Some post 9/11 changes, however, have been positive. Is there anyone who doesn’t now have a greater appreciation for our policeRead more..

In the Heat of Battle

Dubliners Alan Concannon, Tadgh Honan, Gerry Lynch Tyrone-man Noel McGillian stand dressed in Civil War regalia as part of the 140th anniversary re-enactment of the Battle of First Manassas or the First Battle of Bull Run in Leesburg, Virginia on August 3-5. In eerie likeness to the weather on the day of the battle, temperaturesRead more..

The Irish Brigade
In the Civil War

“When anything absurd, forlorn, or desperate was to be attempted, the Irish Brigade was called upon.” – George Alfred Townsend ℘℘℘ No brigade in the Civil War was more distinguished by its ethnic character than the colorful, hard-fighting Irish Brigade. Repeatedly hurled into the hottest part of the fighting, these units, consisting mainly of IrishRead more..

Bringing General
Corcoran to Life

Sweet fiddle music muffles street sounds, thick carpet softens your footsteps, and lace curtains filter the daylight. Fireside chairs before a fireplace invite you to linger over the photos from the past. At Photo Antiquities, a museum of 19th century photography, the years fall away slowly until Frank Watters, the curator, strides in carrying aRead more..