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New, Expanded Categories in the 2020 Census Questionnaire

American citizens who check “White” on the U.S. Census will be allowed to expand on their ethnicity for the first time in the upcoming 2020 census. In an effort to establish a more comprehensive understanding of American heritage, the Census Bureau has announced the addition of a write-in box in which citizens can fill outRead more..

300 Years of Scots-Irish Immigration to U.S.

This year marks the 300th anniversary of the first great wave of Scots-Irish migration to the United States, and over the next 12 months, several towns in Northern Ireland and the U.S. will be celebrating. In Aghadowey, County Derry, the Ulster History Circle will unveil a blue plaque to honor Reverend James McGregor and thoseRead more..

An Irish Artist’s American Odyssey

William James Hinchey traveled throughout America’s Southwest frontier and Missouri capturing images of life, the ravishes of war, and beyond.  ℘℘℘ Cormac McCarthy’s novel Blood Meridian (1985) depicts the rough, perilous place that was the American Southwest of the 1840s and ’50s. One of the earliest close-up views of the California-Arizona desert of the periodRead more..

Shamrocks and Salsa

Jerry Cox spent a lifetime ministering to California’s Mexican immigrants, and found similarities between Irish and Mexican cultures.  ℘℘℘ Shortly after Jerry Cox was ordained a priest in San Francisco in 1950, the Irish American visited his relatives in Skibbereen, County Cork.  That’s when great aunt Elizabeth Casey told him:  “Welcome home, Father Jerry!” Noticing he was puzzled, sheRead more..

The Vanishing Irish Americans

The number of people in the United States who identify as Irish American has suffered a sharp decline in recent years and shows no signs of recovering just yet, according to the Pew Research Center’s “Fading of the Green” report released in May. The population of Irish American residents, which stood at 36.9 million inRead more..

The Diaspora Commemorates 1916: United States

How the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising was commemorated throughout the U.S. ℘℘℘ NEW YORK CITY Of the seven signatories of the 1916 Proclamation, five traveled to New York to seek assistance from the long-established republican Irish American community there, including Tom Clarke, who became an American citizen in Brooklyn in 1883, and JohnRead more..

Petition for U.S.S. Patrick Gallagher Gains Steam

Patrick Gallagher, who everyone called Bob, left County Mayo at 18 to live in America. Four years later, in April 1966, he was drafted and enlisted in the U.S. Marines and, following basic training, travelled home to let his family know he had joined up. He didn’t, however, tell them he was being deployed toRead more..

The Perfect Spot: New York’s Rising Commemoration

New York City celebrated the centenary of the Easter Rising on April 24, 100 years to the day after Pádraig Pearse read the Proclamation on Sackville Street in Dublin. More than 2,000 people gathered in Battery Park and Pier A Harbor House, at the lower tip of Manhattan with views of Ellis Island and theRead more..

Sláinte! Heroes of the Revolution!

As St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world, Edythe Preet looks to March 17, 1776, and the role the Irish played in America’s bid for freedom. ℘℘℘ Pop quiz: What color ink is used to sign legislative bills into law? If you answered black, you’d be right with one exception. On March 12, 1941,Read more..

Famous Irish of the American Revolution

Irish nationals were instrumental in helping secure American independence from England during the Revolutionary War. Edythe Preet explores the key figures. ℘℘℘ John Barry County Wexford Driven from their ancestral home by the British, the Barry family relocated to the American colonies, where John Barry became a prosperous transatlantic trading captain. In December 1775, heRead more..