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Sláinte! Patriotic Potatoes
are Perfect for Summer

In the early days of the American Revolution, a number of battles took place in New England eventually causing the British to flee their Boston stronghold. The flight took place on March 17, 1776. George Washington was commander in chief of the colonial forces. His password for the day was `Saint Patrick.’ I stumbled onRead more..

Sláinte! The Hedgerow Harvest

On my second trip to Ireland half a dozen years ago, a fellow passenger in the Aer Lingus jumbo asked me, “Do you know what happened when St. Patrick got rid of all the snakes?” I took the bait and queried, “What?” With a grin, he replied, “He transformed them into roads!” The next fewRead more..

Sláinte! Oats:
The Original Comfort Food

Call me crazy, but oatmeal cookies have never had a spot on my favorite foods list. They’re too sweet. I prefer my oats prepared in such a way that I can really taste the full nutty flavor. I even enjoy eating them by the dusty flaky mouth-gumming uncooked handful. That taste quirk may be aRead more..

Sláinte! Midsummer’s
Eve: St. John’s Day

One of summer’s finest gifts is its long hours of sunshine. This is especially true the farther one travels from the equator where a midwinter’s night is so long that only a few hours of pale gray twilight feebly light the day. Halfway around the seasonal wheel, the sun blazes forth in the same localeRead more..