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Photo Album: As Apple Pie

Proud of their country and their new house, Lawrence and Blanche Faron hosted the Faron family’s first July 4th clambake at their home in Millbury, Massachusetts in 1941. Lawrence’s grandfather Peter Faron (Fern) had emigrated to the United States as a boy with his mother and six siblings from Kileary, County Armagh, in May 1853,Read more..

Photo Album:
Happy Valentine’s

1916: Timothy & Mary Etta Caulfield, Ohio. ℘℘℘ On April 3, 1916, Timothy and Mary Etta Caulfield marked their 50th anniversary. The day began as befitting the occasion with High Mass at St. Joseph’s Church in Dayton, celebrated by pastor, Rev. Father William Hickey. Timothy Caulfield, after the death of his father, emigrated to theRead more..

For the Love of Ireland

Author Susan Cahill tells what prompted her to write For the Love of Ireland: A Literary Companion for Readers and Travelers. ℘℘℘ I grew up in New York City in an Irish-American family whose patriarch on my mother’s side fought to keep Ulysses out of the Queensborough public libraries and later grand-marshaled the St. Patrick’sRead more..

Roots: Caulfield:
The Clan of Confusion

The name Caulfield is one about which much confusion arises. A name of several origins, few patronymics have acquired so many anglicized versions, the more common being MacCaul and MacCawell. Other variations include MacCall, MacHall, MacCarvill, MacCowhill, Callwell, Howell, Campbell and Gaffney. In parts of Galway and Mayo Caulfield has been used as the anglicizedRead more..

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Catherine’s Family

Catherine Flannely was born in Porturlin, County Mayo, Ireland around 1835. She married Anthony Moran from the nearby village of Baralty. Catherine and Anthony immigrated to America in the 1860s and settled in a small coal mining town near Scranton, Pennsylvania. They had twelve children. She is pictured here, along with her daughter Mary AnnRead more..

Grampa’s Story

My grandfather, Denis A. Lyons, was my best friend and playmate. He used to spend many hours with me trying to support and mold my forming personality. As is the tradition among the Irish, he used stories to illustrate whichever point he was trying to make. He told me many, many stories but only oneRead more..