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Lust for Lust

A bawdy romance from the author of Angela’s Ashes. ℘℘℘ When he awoke that morning Mordecai O’Callaghan found himself in such a desperate state of tumescence he immediately thought of Nora Moynihan down the road. Nora Moynihan, down the road, awakening at the same time, found herself in such a desperate state of lubriciousness sheRead more..

Rosie O’Donnell

Queen of Comedy

Rosie O’Donnell, the queen of daytime TV, recalls the time she and her family spent in Ireland shortly after the death of her mother. ℘℘℘ I remember eating salt and vinegar potato chips and having sweets, the candy, those Marathon bars, remember those? We used to go to the woods and my cousin would shootRead more..

Sean Minihane

Immigrant Defender

In the late ’80s and early ’90s the Irish Immigration Reform Movement (I.I.R.M.) was a powerful lobbying group for Irish immigrants, working to change U.S. immigration law to provide equal access to all immigrants and to legalize the thousands of illegal Irish immigrants who were in the country already. The following excerpt is from anRead more..

Sláinte! Irish
Eats Down Under

Regular readers have probably deduced I’m a boomer – a member of that generation born after WWII when the troops came home. Along with more than one hundred thousand other Americans, my Da spent the war years in Australia. In 1942 with Australian forces off fighting for England and Pearl Harbor a fresh victory, JapanRead more..

Book Reviews

The latest Irish books. ℘℘℘ Non-Fiction Often it’s easy to think that the only real Irish cities in America are New York, Chicago, and Boston. But as author Pat O’Neill shows in the vibrant and revealing From the Bottom Up: The Story of the Irish in Kansas City, great Irish stories can be found allRead more..

Music: Rockin’ 15

The musicians who made being Irish “cool.” ℘℘℘ The year was 1985. At roughly about the same time that U2’s Bono was stage-diving into the massive crowd gathered for Live Aid, the charity concert organized by former Boomtown Rat Bob Geldof to help eradicate world hunger, the first issue of Irish America was being preppedRead more..

Film Forum: The Patriot

Round two of Mel Gibson’s war with the British. ℘℘℘ Jack L. Warner once said he hated the kind of movie in which the hero “writes with a feather.” Hollywood’s aversion to the quaint details of a distant historical period helps account for the scarcity of films dealing with the American Revolutionary War. But reluctanceRead more..