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Ireland Celebrates 25 Years Online

As of June 17th, Ireland has officially been connected to the internet for 25 years. On the same day in 1991, Trinity College Dublin became the first organization in the country to connect to the world wide web. The link was shared with campus-based start-up company IEunet, run by entrepreneurs Cormac Callanan and Michael Nowlan. “From thatRead more..

Hibernia: The Cyberanarchists

When the heavy metal band Metallica hauled Internet service provider Napster into court, because fans were getting new Metallica tunes through the site for free, a new battle line was drawn in cyberspace. As the creator of Freenet, a program designed to send free information to all corners of the globe, Irish native Ian ClarkeRead more..

Hibernia: Meanwhile
in Silicon Valley…

“Whizkid,” “genius,” and “scourge of the music industry” are just a few of the names thrown at Shawn Fanning, 19. Fanning is the brain behind Napster.com, the MP3 exchange website that sent the recording industry into an uproar. Recently the courts have stepped in to quiet the din. On July 26, the United States DistrictRead more..

Hibernia: O’Brien
Supports eBusiness

Denis O’Brien, chairman and chief executive officer of Esat Telecom Group, has made a IR£3 million donation to Smurfit School of Business, UCD, to help upgrade the school’s Internet and Intranet resources. O’Brien, who has been on the board of the school since 1998, is hopeful the school will become a world leader in educatingRead more..