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Those We Lost

Ivan Cooper (1944 – 2019) Irish civil rights activist Ivan Cooper died in late June, aged 75. A founding member of Northern Ireland’s Social Democratic and Labour party, Cooper is best known for his leadership of the anti-internment march in Derry that erupted into 1972’s Bloody Sunday. Born in Killaloo, County Derry, to a ProtestantRead more..

September 11:
A Year in Pictures

Photographer Peter Foley spent many months documenting the aftermath of September 11. His images, though unobtrusive, capture the emotion of the tragedy and offer a glimpse into the lives of those left behind. ℘℘℘ ♦

Street Renamed for 9/11 Hero

Fallen September 11 hero firefighter Michael Brennan had a rare posthumous bestowed on him recently when a street (at 41st and 50th Avenue) in Queens, New York, was renamed “Michael Brennan Way”. Michael grew up on the street and his mother, Eileen Walsh still lives there. The ceremony to unveil the new street sign wasRead more..

Farewell to Rosemary

The singing legend Rosemary Clooney died on June 29, after a long battle with lung cancer. She was laid to rest on Friday, July 5, in her hometown of Maysville, Kentucky. Clooney, 74, had been singing for more than half a century. In 1945 when she was 16 she and her 13-year-old sister, Betty, wereRead more..

Chris Duffy

A young financial worker lost on Sept. 11, was most of all a brother. ℘℘℘ Hey Bunkster, …how was the weekend? don’t worry, you’ve only been at school a week…it’ll get better. you gotta meet some people…you’re a Duffy. there’s bound to be someone you’ll run into who knows one of us somehow, between yourRead more..

Fire in the Morning

In a strange twist of fate, Ron Clifford escaped the WTC unaware that his sister and niece were on the plane that crashed into the North Tower. United Flight 175, a Boeing 767 non-stop from Boston’s Logan Airport to Los Angeles with seven flight attendants and 56 passengers on board, rolled back from Gate 19Read more..

USS Theodore Roosevelt:
Operation Enduring Freedom

“Fear of attack on home soil is a new feeling for this generation of Americans. The crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt has been working practically non-stop since September 11 to combat terrorism. We feel fortunate in that unlike most Americans, we were actually in a position to take action in response to the attacks onRead more..

Farewell to a
Cop With a Heart

Her name was Moira Ann Smith and she was a good cop from the neighborhood where I lived. I don’t know that I ever saw her on patrol in the Stuyvesant Town and Gramercy Park areas of Manhattan which she patrolled from the 13th Precinct. But in the days and weeks after September 11, IRead more..

Standing Tall

Love, courage and the kindness of strangers. ℘℘℘ And now, memory crashes all of 2001 into the 100 minutes between 8:48 and 10:28 of that morning in September. When the clock ran out and the losses were counted, the lists of the missing turned out to be rich with Kevins and Brians, Patricks and Moiras,Read more..

The Final Note

Practicing “taps” prior to firefighter Michael Lynch’s memorial service. ℘℘℘ “What kind of guy was Michael Lynch?” “I’ll tell you what he was,” said one of his firefighter coworkers. “There are two different kinds of guys that get on the Department. Those that got on the job, and those that get into the job. HeRead more..