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Irish Favor Birthright Citizenship

As other western countries are endorsing populist agendas on tightening immigration policy, Ireland is voicing its opposition to such restrictions, overwhelmingly in favor of reinstating birthright citizenship. A Sunday Times poll found that 71 percent favored birthright citizenship, while 19 percent were opposed and 10 percent undecided. Three days later, a proposal on the matterRead more..

A Taste of Freedom on Ellis Island

New York Museum presents a drama about the 20th century immigrant experience. ℘℘℘ Of the many reasons for taking the ferry out to Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation’s current production, A Taste of Freedom is certainly on top of the list. Written by the playwright Aurorae Khoo, the twenty-five minute drama follows theRead more..

Dreaming of Freedom

A new exhibit in Boston traces the city’s history as a gateway to the United States and freedom. A state-of-the-art multimedia exhibition honoring Boston’s diverse mix of immigrants has opened to the public at the city’s new $3 million Dreams of Freedom Center. Located at One Milk Street, the birth site of Benjamin Franklin DreamsRead more..