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Guinness with a Baltimore Twist

Guinness, the most famous of Irish brew masters, has taken notice of the brewing movement in the U.S., where Americans all over the country are brewing and creating beer labels with much success, and decided it would like to get in on the action. The Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, opened on AugustRead more..

The Meat and Potatoes of Life

An Irish saying has it that “A dinner is not a dinner at all but only an excuse for one if it does not contain a plate of meat.” It’s a good bet that America’s penchant for “meat and potatoes” was cultivated by the immigrants who flocked here from Ireland, where meals built around meatRead more..

How Guinness Saved Ireland

At nearly one billion liters of Guinness sold per year, it has become one of the world’s most recognizable Irish brands. And though it is brewed in over 60 countries and available in more than 120, there is only one which owes its very survival as a sovereign state to the Black Stuff. Seventy yearsRead more..

Guinness Saved Ireland

On 17 March, in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, many a pint of Guinness will be sunk. But, as they clasp their ‘pint of plain’, few revellers will appreciate the extent to which Ireland owes its very survival as a sovereign state to the Black Stuff. Seventy years ago – February 1944 – and itRead more..

News in Brief

Almost seven million people visited Ireland last year according to latest figures released by Tourism Ireland. Showing an increase of six percent on 2004, the annual report revealed a slight drop in the number of visitors from the U.S. (to 950,800). “This performance was underpinned by an excellent performance from Europe and a positive performanceRead more..