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Fathers & Sons

Amidst the hundreds of rescue workers searching at Ground Zero in the months after the 9/11 attacks, many were fathers looking for their sons. Some were firefighters still on the job, some retired, and some never officially with the Department, but all joined in the search for their boys. This is a story about five ofRead more..

Report From Ground Zero : The Documentary

Dennis Smith’s gripping best-seller Report from Ground Zero will be the basis for a documentary airing on September 10, 2002. As Smith’s book did, the ABC TV special lets the survivors speak for themselves, combining their accounts with film and video of the World Trade Center’s initial construction, the attack itself, and the recovery atRead more..

The Heart of a Firefighter

When the dust settled on September 11, one of the 343 firefighters listed as missing, later pronounced dead, was Chief Bill Feehan. A firefighter to his core, Feehan was loved by the men and women in the FDNY. Bill Feehan loved eggs over easy. Every day for the last 20 years at least he stoppedRead more..

Ron McComiskey:
Evacuation from Manhattan

Ron McComiskey has been a captain on private vessels around New York Harbor for 20 years and when the World Trade Center erupted on September 11 he knew where to go — straight to the scene to rescue victims. By his estimate, he made about 12 trips that fateful day, transporting about 100 to 150Read more..

Report From Ground Zero

An excerpt from Dennis Smith’s latest book.  ℘℘℘ In the chief’s van, Chief Pfeifer hears the Manhattan dispatcher announce that a plane has gone into tower 1 of the World Trade Center. The chief reaches for the telephone. “Battalion 1 to Manhattan.” “Okay,” the dispatcher answers. It is John Lightsey who is working the microphoneRead more..

Joe McNally: Photographer

On September 12, photographer Joe McNally’ s wife had to get into Manhattan, to tend to her duties as director of photography at Fortune magazine. She was forced to stay in Manhattan for several days, as the world absorbed the shock of the terrorist attacks on New York City. Joe McNally, meanwhile, was home inRead more..

Frank Cummins:
Just Doing His Job

For most firefighters, recognition is something they shy away from. Frank Cummins of Engine 255, Ladder 157, like countless other firefighters in the city of New York, dismisses his heroic deeds as “just doing my job.” In the aftermath of September 11, Cummins spent weeks searching through the rubble for the remains of colleagues andRead more..

Eamonn Carey:
Construction Worker

Tuesday, September 11 started, unusually, for Kerry man Eamonn Carey, 31, at home in New Jersey waiting for a construction job to start. A committed member and shop steward of Local 608, the most Irish union in New York City, Carey had been working for several weeks in the vicinity of the World Trade Center,Read more..

Kevin E. Gallagher: Union Man

Kevin E. Gallagher, President of The Uniformed Firefighters Association was in the thick of things when the Giuliani administration made the decision to remove firefighters from recovery duty at the World Trade Center site, when so many of their brother firefighters and thousands of civilians were still missing. Infuriated firefighters and family members of theRead more..