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Meagher at Green-Wood Cemetery

Pictured below at the dedication of a new monument to General Thomas Francis Meagher at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery in July is Jessie Meagher, great, great grandnephew to Meagher, stands next to a newly unveiled bust of his relative. Jessie is dressed as a soldier in the 69th New York 1st Irish Brigade, which Meagher commanded.Read more..

Meagher’s Memorial, Late,
But Not Forgotten

When General Thomas Francis Meagher died, he never received a formal memorial. An Irish revolutionary turned exile, U.S. Army general, and acting governor of the Montana Territory, Meagher drowned in the Missouri River near Fort Benton, Montana in 1867, more than 2,000 miles from Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, where his wife, Elizabeth Townsend Meagher, would beRead more..