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Sláinte! Eat Your Veggies

While most people think of Ireland as a nation of “meat and potato” eaters, vegetables and dairy products are also a vital part of the Irish diet. One of my favorite Irish proverbs concerns Ireland’s most famous vegetable: “Be eating one potato, peeling a second, have a third in your fist, and your eye onRead more..

The Four Irish Nobel Laureates

“Without the titanic vision of one man, Brian P. Burns, none of this would have been possible,” writes Roger Kohn of The Four Irish Nobel Laureates, a series of sculptures created by noted Irish artist Rowan Gillespie, now permanently housed in the John J. Burns Library, in the historic, leafy suburb of Chestnut Hill, atRead more..

George Bernard
Shaw in Boston

An exhibit displaying special items in the George Bernard Shaw collection will open at the Bums Library, Boston College, on Thursday, November 18, 2004, and will run through April 2005. The collection, acquired by the library in 2002, includes approximately 3,000 books and other printed items, such as many pamphlets written by Shaw, on allRead more..