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New York’s Catholic Heritage Archive Launched Online

Genealogy database Findmypast joined with the Archdiocese of New York to collate a comprehensive digital record of Roman Catholics in New York, the first portion of which was uploaded in early March. The Archdiocese retains a massive collection of sacramental documents dating back as early as 1785, establishing a crucial link to the history ofRead more..

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Discover Your Ancestors on this Interactive Map of Irish Surnames

Have you ever wondered where your Irish family name is most common or originates from in Ireland? If you’re like most Irish Americans in the weeks following St. Patrick’s Day, the answer is almost certainly yes. And to get the answers, cartographer Kenneth Field and the American Geographical Society have shared an interactive map ofRead more..

Gold Fever: The Shiny, Shady Past of Katy Perry’s Irish Great-Great-Grandmother

She came from a gold-obsessed family, so perhaps it wasn’t so surprising when the treasure bag was found in Hannah’s water closet. But what was this Galway girl even doing in San Francisco?  ℘℘℘ Anyone who’s ever dabbled in genealogy knows that certain forebears call louder than others – even when they’re not your own.Read more..

Tim Kaine’s Irish Roots

Just how Irish is the Democratic vice-presidential nominee? And what does Tim Kaine’s family tree have in common with Downtown Abbey? ℘℘℘ No sooner had Hillary Clinton announced Tim Kaine as her running mate than articles on his roots began to appear – mostly about his inherent Irishness. There’s good reason for this, as heRead more..

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Irish Genealogy Just
Got a Lot Easier

Last July, the National Library of Ireland went live with a digitized collection of Irish Catholic parish records from the 1670-1900 time frame, a huge boon for those of Irish heritage. Just one catch. No index. Well, there were a variety of partial indexes scattered here and there on other sites, but no comprehensive one.Read more..

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PBS Uncovers Surprising Genealogical Connections for O’Reilly, Maher, O’Brien

Bill O’Reilly, Soledad O’Brien, and Bill Maher’s Irish roots were uncovered in this week’s episode of Finding Your Roots, Jr. on PBS, and it turns out, O’Reilly and Maher are related. O’Brien is also related to another of the show’s previous guests – Stephen Colbert. The episode, “The Irish Factor,” used a combination of archivalRead more..

From Ellen to Eileen

An excerpt from In Search of Our Ancestors: 101 Stories of Serendipity and Connection by Megan Smolenyak. ℘℘℘ Many of us have a particular ancestor who calls to us louder than others, one with whom we feel a special kinship. For me, this is one of my great-great-grandmothers, Ellen Nelligan. Perhaps it’s because my own grandmother – herRead more..

On the Prowl for Springsteen’s
Irish Roots

Roots detective Megan Smolenyak explores the National Library of Ireland’s online collection of Catholic parish registers, uncovers entries for ancestors of a few well-know Irish Americans, including Bruce Springsteen, and offers a guide to finding yours. ℘℘℘ Ancestors of Irish American Celebrities in New Online Catholic Parish Registers The last few years have been kindRead more..

NLI to Make 400,000 Parish
Records Digitally Available

The National Library of Ireland recently announced that it will be digitizing their parish records and providing free online access starting on July 8th. These records are considered the most important resource for researching Irish family history prior to the 1901 Census, and the NLI has referred to the digitization as the greatest ever genealogical project in theRead more..

“Fully” Kearney: President
Obama’s Irish Ancestor

It was seven years ago when I identified Fulmoth Kearney of Moneygall, Ireland as the most recent immigrant on the maternal side of Barack Obama’s family tree. Inheriting land in Ohio from a brother, Fulmoth’s father, Joseph, left Ireland for the United States in 1849. Fulmoth and his sister, Margaret, followed in 1850, and his mother andRead more..