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Fionnula Flanagan Remembers Husband Garrett O’Connor, Addiction Treatment Pioneer

I met him in 1969. In the corridor of the Round Towner Motel in Baltimore. Maryland. Following a Broadway run, I was on a national tour with Lovers, the play that had brought me to the US. He was an Irish psychiatrist running the Psychiatric Emergency Clinic on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.Read more..

Those We Lost

Jerry Berrigan 1919 – 2015 Jerry Berrigan, the legendary Catholic educator and political activist, passed away this past July at 95. Alongside his brothers Philip and Daniel, both priests, he helped implement national strikes against American involvement in Vietnam and in 1973 was arrested for holding a prayer protest against the U.S. bombing of Cambodia.Read more..

Remembering Dr. Garrett O’Connor, an Addiction Treatment Pioneer

The renowned physician and psychiatrist Dr. Garrett O’Connor, lauded for his work on addiction treatment and the founding president of the Betty Ford Institute for Prevention, Research and Education in Addictive Disease, died early September at his home in Aughrim, Co. Wicklow. Dr. O’Connor was born in Dublin and graduated as a physician from theRead more..

Garrett O’Connor

Dr. Garrett O’Connor was born in Dublin, graduated as a physician from the Royal College of Surgeons, and later trained in psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. For more than forty years Garrett has lectured, consulted and led workshops on addiction and related topics in the United States and abroad,Read more..