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Sláinte! The Little Clover

Slainte columnist Edythe Preet explores the story behind Ireland’s national symbol. ℘℘℘ Telling anyone with even just one drop of Irish blood there’s no such thing as a shamrock would be akin to announcing at Mass that the Pope isn’t Catholic. But it’s true. Before you cry “Blasphemy!” let me explain. The word “shamrock” isRead more..

The Night of the Big Portion

In Ireland, the last night of the year was called Oiche na Cada Moire, The Night of the Big Portion. It was common practice to have a big supper that night to ensure a full cupboard and plenty to eat in the twelve months to come. Of course, the custom dated back to a timeRead more..

Sláinte! Dancing at Lughnasadh

Remember the scene in The Godfather when Vito bit the dust in the tomato patch? The tall plants stood staked in nice neat rows, full of fruit, and bees were buzzing about all over. Well, I too have a tomato plot, but this is my first attempt at vegetable gardening and I simply didn’t allowRead more..

Sláinte! Patriotic Potatoes
are Perfect for Summer

In the early days of the American Revolution, a number of battles took place in New England eventually causing the British to flee their Boston stronghold. The flight took place on March 17, 1776. George Washington was commander in chief of the colonial forces. His password for the day was `Saint Patrick.’ I stumbled onRead more..

Sláinte: Let Them Eat
Irish Christmas Cake

Not so long ago, when my daughter was a child, life was very different. The world moved at a slower pace and I had time on my hands. It was the era before cable TV and the internet. The phrases “fast lane” and “couch potato” and “net surfer” had yet to be coined. Time stretchedRead more..

Sláinte! Rhubarb:
The Sweet & Sour of Irish Pies

Often when I sit down to write Sláinte! I find myself ruminating about my Dad’s favorite foods, which writing this ongoing series has revealed to me are almost always directly related to the dishes his Fermanagh-born and raised mother had prepared. This month, I drew a blank. “What is there,” I mused, “that is connectedRead more..

Eat Your Greens

Homeopathy is hot as more people are choosing natural plants and herbs over prescription drugs to heal their ailments. Aware of the growing demand, the small but growing Irish company, Dolphin Sea Vegetables, is attempting to cross into the U.S. market. Their product Phycoplex is made of a formulation of seaweeds. Perfect, since Ireland isRead more..

Not Quite Gopher

For those who want the gold without the uh, golf, a bit of paradise just opened in Caddyshack, a golf-themed restaurant owned by comedian Bill Murray (featured on the cover of Irish America in 1988) and his brothers in St. Augustine, Florida. Taking the name and gold-theme from the cult classic 1980s movie, which wasRead more..

Sláinte! Midsummer’s
Eve: St. John’s Day

One of summer’s finest gifts is its long hours of sunshine. This is especially true the farther one travels from the equator where a midwinter’s night is so long that only a few hours of pale gray twilight feebly light the day. Halfway around the seasonal wheel, the sun blazes forth in the same localeRead more..

Goddess Meets Groundhog

Time passes and things change. As people migrate from nation to nation around the earth, they may leave the land of their birth behind, but their travel gear is packed chock full of tradition. No matter where the emigrants settle, customs and festivities that have weathered the test of time find a new home asRead more..