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McSorley’s Old Ale House

Sawdust on the floor, two kinds of beer – light or dark – what’s not to love about this timeless New York landmark pub? ℘℘℘ It might not be New York’s oldest bar – the Ear Inn and Queen’s Neir’s claim to be older – but no bar in New York can match the historic ambianceRead more..

Sláinte! Calling All Fools, Fairies, and Leprechauns

The history of April Fools’ Day and tricksters of folk mythology.  ℘℘℘ April is full of surprises. When spring sunshine starts warming the earth, night can fall on a brown leafless landscape and day break to green grass and golden flowers splashing the garden with color. A balmy day can suddenly turn cold, gray, andRead more..

Bog Butter: Returning to Tradition

In June, Brian Kaller walked to the edge of the Bog of Allen, just behind his house in County Kildare, took 100 paces forward, 100 paces to the right, and began to look for a bright blue rope he had tied to a tree 17 months earlier. It took him two tries, but he eventuallyRead more..

Grass-fed Irish Beef Gets USDA Import Approval

Slaney Foods International, based in Bunclody, County Wexford, is celebrating after landing a deal to supply premium Irish Hereford beef to stores in the United States. The deal, facilitated due to their relationship with Lidl Ireland, was actively supported by Bord Bia and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine. It comes as Irish beefRead more..

Sláinte! All Hail the Humble Spud

Edythe Preet writes about Ireland’s relationship with its signature crop. ℘℘℘ Back in first grade, my “see Spot run” primer told how Dick and Jane grew potatoes in their backyard and roasted them in an autumn leaf bonfire. If those kids can do that, I thought, so can I. Mom supplied a few spuds thatRead more..

Andrew Taylor’s Year of Nothing but Potatoes

Between January 1, 2016 and January 1 of this year, Andrew Taylor lost over 100 pounds, going from 335 to 212 lbs., on a diet of nothing but potatoes. “I haven’t weighed myself since January, but my clothes all fit the same,” he told me over the phone this past June. Irish America covered Taylor’sRead more..

Ireland Has Highest Alcohol
and Tobacco Prices in EU

Ordering a whiskey or a pint in Ireland may find you with a subtle pain emanating from your wallet. A newly released survey found that tobacco and whiskey costs are 70 percent higher in Ireland than the rest of the countries in the EU. The National Off Licence Association director Evelyn Jones greeted the news with anRead more..

Sláinte! Eat Your Veggies

While most people think of Ireland as a nation of “meat and potato” eaters, vegetables and dairy products are also a vital part of the Irish diet. One of my favorite Irish proverbs concerns Ireland’s most famous vegetable: “Be eating one potato, peeling a second, have a third in your fist, and your eye onRead more..

The World’s Irish
Coffee Champion

The Buena Vista is Best! ℘℘℘ Drinking legend has it that in 1942, when Foynes was the foremost transit point between Europe and America, a flight to New York was returned to Ireland due to bad weather. The airport bartender, anticipating grouchy passengers, decided to add a little sweetener to their coffee, a hefty slugRead more..

Sláinte: Let Them Eat
Irish Christmas Cake

Not so long ago, when my daughter was a child, life was very different. The world moved at a slower pace and I had time on my hands. It was the era before cable TV and the internet. The phrases “fast lane” and “couch potato” and “net surfer” had yet to be coined. Time stretchedRead more..