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Halloween Costumes Inspired by Irish Folklore

With Halloween upon us, many are still scrambling to buy last minute costumes. Before you spend a dismembered arm and a pirate’s peg leg on a pre-packaged idea that’s probably been done a hundred times before, check out some of Ireland’s most fearsome creatures for inspiration. After all, Halloween’s roots can be found in ancientRead more..

Sacred Space and Health

Spending time in nature’s sacred places can bring balance to the whole self and help you reach your optimal level of health. Good health and a happy life are determined by the balance of the four quadrants of life – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is possible by listening to the symptoms, observing theRead more..

Irish Herbal Medicine

The oldest form of healing, long practiced in Ireland, proved just the thing for writer Jonathan Self. A leafy lane, not much more than a boreen really, dissects the middle of the Kingstons’ farmyard in Church Cross near Skibbereen. On one side lie the whitewashed farmhouse, weathered stone barns and tidy vegetable gardens typical ofRead more..

Irish Folk Furniture – An Interview With Tony Donoghue

At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, one Irish short made big waves. Filmmaker Tony Donoghue spoke with Sheila Langan about his utterly charming stop-motion animated film Irish Folk Furniture. The Sundance Film Festival, which takes place each January in Park City, Utah, is a staging ground for the independent films to watch out for inRead more..

What Are You Like?
Roisin Fitzpatrick

Roisin Fitzpatrick, Artist of the Light, is a leading contemporary Irish artist. She grew up in Howth, Co. Dublin, the youngest of four daughters. Her father was a director of Fitzpatrick Shoes and later established Thomas Patrick Shoes on Grafton Street. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Geneva. RoisinRead more..

Sláinte! Feile Na Marbh – the origins of Halloween

Slainte! Columnist Edythe Preet explores how Feile Na Marbh or “Feast of the Dead” became Halloween- with recipes That which we know as All Hallows Eve actually began as a harvest festival several millennia ago in Ireland. Though the evening’s popular colors are black and orange, they might as well be Forty Shades of Green,Read more..

Sláinte! Trees, Tea and ESP

Edythe Preet explores ancient traditions of fortune telling and explains how to see the future in a cup of tea. My Irish grandmother, Margaret McCaffrey, was a psychic. “Pooh! Not possible,” you say. Maybe, maybe not, but here’s the story. You be the judge. One fine May week when Dad was in first grade, hisRead more..

Sláinte!: A Charmed Life

My friend Michael says he has a charming mother. He hastens to add: “I know you think we all do, but my mother has charms other than the ones on her gold bracelet. She has the ability to stop bleeding and cure burns and headaches and sprains and styes in the eyes just by layingRead more..