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The Last of His Kind

Christopher Connell writes on his Uncle Jimmy McSweeney, the very model of the Irish bachelor farmer. ℘℘℘ My uncle Jimmy McSweeney was laid to rest recently beside his mother and sister in the yard of Saint Patrick’s Church in Dunmanway. The last of his generation, he was the very model of the Irish bachelor farmer,Read more..

O’Kennedy, Ó Cinnéide

The Irish Kennedys are descended from Dunchaun, the brother of the mighty King Brian Born. The name comes from his father Ceann Eidig, meaning “helmet head.” Appropriately, the arms of the Kennedys have three helmets. From the 11th-15th centuries they were Lords of Ormond. The Kennedys dealt with the various conquests and confiscations better thanRead more..

Irish Roots:
Some Light on the Dark Clan

The name Delaney comes from the Irish O’Dubhshlaine. Its earliest anglicized form is O’Dulany with a broad `a.’ Delane is another variant (the O’ has been long since dropped). It is sometimes mistakenly associated with the Limerick surnames O’Duillean, Dillane and Dillin, though there is no relation. Dubh means black or dark. That’s the easyRead more..

Roots: The Lynch Family

The Lynch family derives from several independent clans. One of these is the Norman family De Lench who came to Ireland in the 12th century and were the most prominent of the “Tribes of Galway.” These were the 14 Norman families who controlled this important medieval trading city and made it one of the fewRead more..

Two Grandfathers

William Kennedy on his unsung origins. ℘℘℘ My grandfathers, George Kennedy and Peter McDonald, died before I was born. I came to know something of them through talks with my parents and other relatives, a few artifacts, death certificates and obituaries, and two photographs that defined them for me forever. Both photos are working-class portraits.Read more..

Roots: The Stout-
Hearted Murphys

One of the most common names in Ireland, the Murphy Clan has distinguished itself in every field. Among them were an Army chaplain, poet, war hero, police commissioner, and mistress. ℘℘℘ The name Murphy, the most common and widespread name in Ireland, is a derivation of the Gaelic personal name of Murchadh or Murragh, whichRead more..