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Why the Towers Fell

Dennis Smith, former firefighter and author, talks to Tom Deignan. ℘℘℘ If retired firefighter and best-selling author Dennis Smith had his way, the Twin Towers that once dominated the New York City skyline would be built again. Not in downtown Manhattan, however. Smith believes the towers should have been rebuilt as part of the ongoingRead more..

Report From Ground Zero : The Documentary

Dennis Smith’s gripping best-seller Report from Ground Zero will be the basis for a documentary airing on September 10, 2002. As Smith’s book did, the ABC TV special lets the survivors speak for themselves, combining their accounts with film and video of the World Trade Center’s initial construction, the attack itself, and the recovery atRead more..

Report From Ground Zero

An excerpt from Dennis Smith’s latest book.  ℘℘℘ In the chief’s van, Chief Pfeifer hears the Manhattan dispatcher announce that a plane has gone into tower 1 of the World Trade Center. The chief reaches for the telephone. “Battalion 1 to Manhattan.” “Okay,” the dispatcher answers. It is John Lightsey who is working the microphoneRead more..

Dennis Smith

Writer and former firefighter Dennis Smith has spent a lot of time in the company of firefighters since September 11th. He is the founding editor of Firehouse magazine and best-selling author of Report from Engine Co. 82 and other books. He is a licensed financial advisor (having completed federal series 7, series 63 and series 65 exams) andRead more..