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Declan O’Kelly

A former senior editor at Irish America magazine, Declan currently works as a Web Producer for Men’s Fitness.  He has also worked at AOL News as a Homepage Editor/Producer and at IrishCentral.com as a Sports Editor.  A freelance sports writer, Declan is the boxing reporter for the Irish Voice. He has also worked as aRead more..

The Pain and Beauty of Hunger

Declan O’Kelly discusses Steve McQueen’s film about Bobby Sands’ last days. Hunger is a movie about the last six weeks of Bobby Sands’ life.  It is directed by Englishman Steve McQueen and stars Michael Fassbender in the lead role.  Widely acclaimed, the film has won several awards, the most notable being the 2008 Camera D’OrRead more..

Galway Arts Festival

The 31st Galway Arts Festival, which ran from July 14-27, was another huge success for both the city and lovers of the arts.  Though Ireland was soaked with enough rain to dampen the most ardent optimist this summer, for 14 days the city of the Tribesmen was drenched with music, theater and art. One couldn’tRead more..

Tara’s Reign

Declan O’Kelly talks to Miss USA Tara Conner and finds there is a steely resolve and inner grace to this Southern beauty Tara Conner remembers being a boisterous girl who enjoyed the outdoor life, playing sports with her brother Josh and getting into all sorts of devilment. One day her mother told her she lookedRead more..

The Destruction of St. Brigid’s

As we go to press, the future of St. Brigid’s Church hangs in the balance. On August 24, parishioners and supporters in favor of saving St. Brigid’s received a morale booster when Judge Barbara Kapnick granted a temporary restraining order on any further demolition of the East Village, New York, church while she deliberated onRead more..

Rockaway Honors Troops

For the second year, Irish-American families in Rockaway, New York, played weekend hosts to wounded soldiers July 6-9. Retired firefighter Captain Flip Mullen organized the visit of 40 soldiers from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. to Rockaway, where they stayed with local families. Jam-packed with activities, the weekend began with aRead more..

Soldier Ride

It’s a long way from California to New York, especially on a bicycle, but what makes this 4200 mile ride even more remarkable is that it was undertaken by two soldiers both of whom lost limbs in Iraq. Ryan Kelly, 24, and Heath Calhoun, 26, are part of a group called Soldier Ride, which raisesRead more..

Rockaway Irish Honor Veterans

Irish-American families in Rockaway, New York, played host to injured soldiers recently with a parade and street party organized by the community.”We had to turn families down the support was so strong,” said Flip Cullen, who organized the the visit of 28 wounded soldiers from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. toRead more..