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Sláinte! The Feast of Lughnasa

The most joyous event of the Celtic year is Lughnasa (August 1), the beginning of the annual harvest. The Celtic calendar was structured on nature’s agricultural cycle and great festivals celebrated the start of each season: Imbolc (spring), Beltaine (summer), Lughnasa (autumn) and Samhain (winter). All honor the life-giving sun, but only Lughnasa derives itsRead more..

Friel Donates His Works

Brian Friel, the Irish playwright who has had a string of successes on Broadway, starting with Tony-winning Dancing at Lughasa (later made into a film starring Meryl Streep), has presented his archived works to the National Library in Ireland. The collection includes manuscripts and early drafts of his 26 plays and correspondence with literary figuresRead more..