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Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords Address Asassin Jared Loughner In Court

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, faced Jared Loughner, the gunman who killed 6 and injured 13 at Giffords’ 2011 Congress on Your Corner event in Tucson, Arizona, in court for his November 8 sentencing. Loughner, who had pleaded guilty on 19 counts, received seven life sentences and 140 yearsRead more..

Sr. Lee Ann McNally

After many years of teaching in schools, Sister Lee Ann McNally, R.S.M., moved on to teaching in jails and prisons in Little Rock, Arkansas. She helped to found the Center for Women in Transition, a nonprofit agency that helps women being released from incarceration make the transition back to living in the outside world. SisterRead more..

Outlaws: Billy the Kid and Whitey Bulger

The legendary Billy the Kid and the recently captured Whitey Bulger, both Irish American outlaws, share much in common in their lives on the lam.   Just as the infamous South Boston Irish mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger was arrested on June 22, a photo of another outlaw from another century, Billy the Kid, soldRead more..

Colombia Three Face Uncertain Fate

 The Colombian government has demanded that the Irish government capture and return three Irish republicans who evaded prison sentences in Bogota. The men — dubbed the “Colombia Three” — were sentenced to 17-year jail terms for allegedly assisting FARC rebels in an ongoing campaign against state forces in Colombia. The three men — Niall Connolly,Read more..

Gilligan Case Adjourns

The Court of Criminal Appeal in Dublin adjourned an application by convicted drug dealer John Gilligan. Three years ago the Special Criminal Court acquitted Gilligan of the charge of murdering journalist Veronica Guerin but sentenced him to 28 years imprisonment for drug dealing. It is the longest sentence ever handed down by an Irish courtRead more..

Controversy Courts Collins

In the last issue we printed the extraordinary speech that Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins of the Royal Irish Regiment gave to his men before they went into battle in Iraq. Since then, the Belfast native has been the subject of war crimes allegations made by one U.S. Army major Re Biastre, which Collins is adamantlyRead more..

Lawyers on Loyalist Hit List

Loyalist killers planned to assassinate not only human rights lawyer Pat Finucane but also two of his Belfast colleagues, a senior British police officer has discovered. Belfast lawyers Oliver Kelly and p.J. McGrory were on a Loyalist hit list compiled with the help of RUC Special Branch officers and British military intelligence agents. The FinucaneRead more..

Inside The Maze

The Maze is a one-hour program that explores life inside the notorious Maze Prison (also known as H-Block) in Northern Ireland, as former inmates from both communities, as well as former prison officers tell their stories. The opening sequences are of rare early footage of life inside the original Long Kesh prison in which a prisonRead more..

Call for Urgent
Finucane Inquiry

There is growing pressure on the British Government to hold an independent inquiry into alleged collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and the security forces. Catholics in the North are concerned at the apparent stalling by the British government in dealing with a number of high profile killings in the North, particularly the murder of Belfast solicitorRead more..

Irish Jockey Seeks to Appeal Murder Conviction

There are hopes that Irish jockey Christy McGrath, who is in jail in Britain for the murder of a former Newcastle United player, may be granted an appeal. McGrath, who claims he is innocent of the murder, has been moved to a more liberal prison regime as a result of growing pressure from lobbyists inRead more..