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Standing Proud

Mary Pat Kelly, director, producer, screenwriter and contributor to Irish America magazine, doesn’t always pick topics that interest the mainstream media. In 1984, she was commissioned by Rolling Stone to write about President Ronald Reagan’s visit to Ireland. While in the country, she covered the elections. “In those days there was still a lot ofRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

There seems to be an odd trend spreading throughout Hollywood: Irish actors playing American presidents. First there was Northern Ireland native and respected thespian Kenneth Branagh playing Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the May HBO movie Warm Springs. Branagh portrayed FDR’s life before he became president, and the film’s particular focus was with how Roosevelt dealtRead more..


Gerard McSorley was traveling the day a bomb shook the foundations of Omagh — his hometown. He was returning to Dublin, where he was living at the time, and his sister, who was in London struggling to piece together the events of the day, was frantic to reach him. On entering his house, he answeredRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Though the last James Bond film Die Another Day was a smash hit, some feel Navan-born star Pierce Brosnan is getting a bit old to play the dashing agent. At this point, it’s unclear who will star in the next Bond pic. Asked recently about the ongoing uncertainty, Brosnan was quite blunt. “It’s nowhere nearRead more..

Noth and Meaney,
No Bad Apples

Bad Apple, a fast-paced drama with dark comedic overtones, based on the novel by Anthony Bruno, had its premiere in New York City and aired on February 16 on TNT. Chris Noth and Colm Meaney play two FBI agents trying to bring down a loan-sharking business run by the mob. Things become increasingly intense afterRead more..

Chernobyl Oscar Win

Illuminating the plight of the victims of the Chernobyl disaster, filmmaker Maryann DeLco took home an Oscar for Chernobyl Heart, which won Best Short Subject Documentary. Chernobyl Heart is a film about the effects of radiation on the children of Belarus 16 years after the accident at Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor. It features the work ofRead more..

Irish Director’s New Film About Burning Man

“Every year, a virtual city is erected and then destroyed, leaving no trace it was ever there.” So begins the new documentary Confessions of a Burning Man by Irish filmmaker Paul Barnett and his directing partner, UnSu Lee about the week-long arts festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Founded by artist Larry Harvey in 1990,Read more..

Young Stars on Screen

Two young actors, Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin, have burst onto the Hollywood scene with the blockbuster Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat. Fanning plays the bossy, organized Sally, sister to Breslin’s mischief-making Conrad. The youngsters are preparing for a party when The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) arrives on their doorstep toRead more..

The Quiet Man Turns Fifty

This year marks fiftieth anniversary of John Ford’s The Quiet Man, the favorite movie of many Irish Americans. The native Irish tend to see it with more ambivalence, yet the readers of the Irish Times in 1996 voted it the greatest Irish movie ever made. The beguiling comedy-drama won Ford his fourth Academy Award asRead more..

Just Judy

By the time Judy Garland made her first and only concert appearance in Dublin in July 1951, she had been an international star for more than a decade. She had starred in 27 feature length films, performed on more than 200 radio shows, appeared in hundreds of national and international magazines and newspapers, and recordedRead more..