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Roots: The O’Donnells

They came from Donegal. Legend says they are descended from the 5th-century Ulsterman Niall of the Nine Hostages, whose son Conall was baptized by St. Patrick. It is from Domhnaill (d.901), a descendant of that mythic Conall, that the family name, which has since been anglicized as O’Donnell, emerged. St. Patrick gave the O’Donnells theirRead more..

Irish Roots : O’Donnell, McDonnell and Donnelly

These three names and others of a similar sound such as Donnellan and Donlon are sometimes confused, as spelling variations have occurred among emigrant families. They are, however, totally distinct, and indeed both the McDonnells and O’Donnells are made up of several distinct septs. The main branch of the O’Donnells, based in Donegal, is theRead more..