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August 2021 Book Reviews

By Tom Deignan Beautiful World, Where Are You By Sally Rooney Get ready for a new crop of Dublin 20- and 30-somethings, rambling about and chatting, trying to look like they don’t care about life and love. Which means they care very much about life and love. In her first two novels – Conversations withRead more..

Concert Now on CD

San Francisco-based DW Productions is releasing a 2-CD set of Ireland’s Poet-Patriots, A Musical History, commemorating the 1916 rebellion, which was recorded live in concert at the Washington National Cathedral late last year. Conductor Scott Tucker helmed the production that combined classical and traditional Irish music. Irish and Irish-American leaders also acted as narrators includingRead more..

Last Word:
A Touch of the Irish

The seeds of Robert F. Kennedy’s compassion lay in his understanding of the past struggles of his Irish ancestors. ℘℘℘ On March 17, 1964, Robert F. Kennedy traveled to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to address the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. His address that evening was rich in purpose but also in sentiment. It was his firstRead more..

Bobby Kennedy’s Message of Unity and Raging Spirit

Chris Matthews talks about his new book, which offers valuable insights into Bobby Kennedy, and why we need someone of Kennedy’s ilk today. ℘℘℘ Next year, on St. Patrick’s Day, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will open a new exhibit entitled “The Train: RFK’s Last Journey.” The centerpiece of the show will beRead more..

Playing Hardball with
Chris Matthews

In his new book The Clinton Wars, Sidney Blumenthal, former Clinton aide, takes aim at Chris Matthews, the host of Hardball on MSNBC. Blumenthal writes that Matthews wanted a job in the administration and “lobbied the White House” to succeed Dee Dee Myers as press secretary but the job went to Michael McCurry. Blumenthal goesRead more..

Chris Matthews Interrupted

Niall O’Dowd interviews Chris Matthews of CNBC’s Hardball, one of prime time’s most popular programs. ℘℘℘ If Chris Matthews were a cat, curiosity would have killed him long ago. In our 90-minute interview in a Washington restaurant he asked as many questions as he fielded and he ranged over practically every major world problem, offeringRead more..