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Carroll, O’Carroll, MacCarroll,
MacCarvill, MacCearbhaill

The O’Carrolls go back to the third century King Oilioll Olum of Munster. Their name derives from Cearbhaill, who was the Brian Boru in 1014 at the battle of Clontarf. Cearbhaill means warlike champion and the O’Carrolls have lived up to the name. Carvill and MacCarvill are anglicized versions of Carroll and are mostly toRead more..

Irish Memories

Thomas Fleming writes of the struggles and triumphs of an Irish-American family. ℘℘℘ My County Mayo-born grandfather, David Fleming, could not read or write. He had a brogue so thick I couldn’t understand a word he said. But I knew one thing. He was Irish and proud of it. He had a favorite poem thatRead more..