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The Pope’s Visit to Ireland

When I was growing up in the 1980s, a photo of Pope John Paul II hung above many Irish fireplaces. That pope held a special place in Irish Catholics’ hearts, as he was the first and only pope ever to visit the country. He visited in 1979. There wasn’t another papal visit until this summerRead more..

Dallas Dubliner Bishop Headed to the Vatican

Dallas bishop Kevin J. Farrell, a Dublin native, has been named to a new position at the Vatican. In August, Pope Francis named Farrell – who had served nearly a decade as Bishop of Dallas, Texas – the leader of a new Vatican department designed to explore matters related to “the Laity, the Family andRead more..

Apology Demanded for N.I. Priest’s Yoga Comments

Father Reverend Roland Colhoun, a priest at Waterside Parish of Roman Catholic Diocese of Derry in Northern Ireland, as reported by The Derry Journal, “warned parishioners against taking part in yoga” while saying mass in Drumsurn recently. “Yoga is certainly a risk,” he said. “There’s the spiritual health risk.” “It’s a slippery slope from yoga toRead more..

News in Brief

Gay Priest Comes Out Father Martin Dolan, a priest at the Church of St Nicholas of Myra in Francis Street in Dublin’s city for 15 years, came out as gay to his parishioners during a Sunday Mass in early January while calling for same-sex marriage equality in advance of the country’s May referendum on theRead more..

20 Great Interviews:
John O’ Connor

John Cardinal O’Connor was installed as Archbishop of New York in March, 1984, and elevated to Cardinal in May, 1985 He was born, the fourth of five children, in a row house in a blue-collar Philadelphia neighborhood on January, 15, 1920. After ordination, he worked as a diocesan priest before joining the Navy. He servedRead more..

Cardinal Meets Abuse Victims

Desmond Connell, Archbishop of Dublin, met with victims of clerical sexual abuse in an attempt to defuse widespread anger with the Church’s handling of abuse cases. Two victims, Marie Collins and Ken Reilly, had said they would organize a protest march to the archbishop’s residence and demand that he stand down. In response, Cardinal ConnellRead more..

Catholic Growth Continues
in Northern Census

The latest census for Northern Ireland indicates that the numerical gap between Protestants and Catholics is steadily narrowing. According to this year’s figures Protestants comprise 53 percent of the population in the North with Catholics making up 44 percent. The census tallies with a familiar trend of a growing Catholic community with the number ofRead more..

The Church on the Irish Ridge

The decay of an Irish American landmark. ℘℘℘ The glass factory, feed mills, saloons and boat repair facilities that once lined the canal are gone. But the fitted limestone walls that mark either side of the original waterway are still there — a testament to Irish immigrants who built it and the many who diedRead more..

Irish Catholic Church
Faces New Crisis

The Irish Government is to set up an inquiry into how sex abuse allegations were dealt with in the Dublin diocese amid ongoing allegations that Cardinal Connell and his staff failed to cooperate with police in investigating paedophiles. Cardinal Desmond Connell has repeatedly apologized to the victims of abuse for the hurt they suffered, butRead more..

The Last Word:
The Priestless Parish

On the surface everything at two County Clare villages in the west of Ireland appears as it’s always been. Church bells tolling across Lough Graney call the faithful to Sunday services at Kilanena and Flagmount. The two churches make up one parish either side of the lake, but these days the parish is getting byRead more..