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Hall of Fame: Academy Award-Winning Director
Terry George

There is a thread that links each of Terry George’s films, and it comes directly from his life. “I’m talking about ordinary people struggling against oppression,” he tells Irish America. “That’s always been my kind of guiding light.” Whether it’s the true-to-life tale of the late Gerry Conlon (the Belfast man who spent 15 yearsRead more..

Living in Each Other’s Shadow

We should be attendant to any story that involves love, even when it’s the strange and wonderful bond between a cat and human. ℘℘℘ Earlier this summer my cat died. I know it’s not important in the scheme of things, but it left me reeling. For days I was buffeted by my grief in theRead more..

The “Loving” Star Power of Ruth Negga

Ruth Negga isn’t just an actress; she’s a movie star. ℘℘℘ About ten minutes into Loving, director Jeff Nichols’s remarkably powerful new film about a couple whose court challenged ended the interracial marriage ban in America, something quickly becomes clear: Irish and Ethiopian actress Ruth Negga, 34, isn’t just a talented screen presence, she’s aRead more..

The Last Word:
Discrimination – Remembering the Hard Times

Discrimination, when it’s directed at you, can shape the course of your life. It can prevent you from having a say in what happens to you, where you can go, what you can do. It shuts you up and shuts you out. That’s actually its main function, to rob you of your voice. By almostRead more..

The Pirate Queen

The producers of The Pirate Queen, husband-and-wife team Moya Doherty and John McColgan, talk to Cahir O’Doherty. Between the first draft and the opening night the challenge of mounting a Broadway musical on the scale of The Pirate Queen is a high-wire act of artistic daring that few of us will ever have the courage orRead more..