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Wild Irish Women:

A Most Sorrowful Mystery

Oh! star of Erin, queen of tears,Black clouds have beset thy birth,And your people die like morning stars,That your light may grace the earth. – “Stars of Freedom,” 1981By IRA volunteer Bobby Sands, M.P.H-Block, Long Kesh Prison Camp Watching Bobby Sands die in 1981, much of the world realized, finally, that the young IRA soldierRead more..

North America Acts Irish

Community theater groups from throughout the United States and Canada converged at the Geva Theater Center in Rochester, New York for the 24th Annual Acting Irish International Theater Festival in April. The adjudicated festival, founded in 1993, consisted this year of seven full-length productions presented over five days, all of which were attended by Oleans-basedRead more..

Those We Lost

Joseph Coffey 1938 – 2015 Sergeant Joseph Coffey, the legendary New York City detective who took on the mob and worked on some of the city’s most high-profile cases, including Son of Sam, died at home in Levittown, New York, in late September. He was 77. Coffey decided on a career with the police atRead more..

Springtime Brings Irish Theatre to Milwaukee

Springtime Theater in Milwaukee will feature a variety of Irish works throughout March and April in various theaters around the city. The University of Wisconsin, Madison theater program, will present Brian Friel’s Philadelphia Here I Come in March, with a special St. Patrick’s night performance scheduled. The play, which won a Tony Award on BroadwayRead more..

Faith Healer

Brian Friel’s latest play Faith Healer opened on February 7 at the Gate Theatre in Dublin. The play revolves around a faith healer named Frank Hardy who has toured with his manager (Teddy) and wife (Grace) around the rural villages of Wales and Scotland but is now returning home to Ballybeg, the fictional Donegal villageRead more..

Friel Donates His Works

Brian Friel, the Irish playwright who has had a string of successes on Broadway, starting with Tony-winning Dancing at Lughasa (later made into a film starring Meryl Streep), has presented his archived works to the National Library in Ireland. The collection includes manuscripts and early drafts of his 26 plays and correspondence with literary figuresRead more..