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James Joyce Celebrated in Buffalo, NY

Downtown Buffalo’s latest mural – a 36-foot-​tall homage to renowned Irish author and poet, James Joyce. The University at Buffalo Libraries, home to world’s largest collection of James Joyce materials, celebrated Bloomsday, with the creation of Buffalo’s newest mural, a 36-foot-tall, vibrant artwork of Irish writer of world renown, James Joyce. The unveiling on June 14,Read more..

A Virtual Celebration of
James Joyce’s Ulysses

Bloomsday, Wednesday June 16, 2021 at 6:00 pm EDT “in Ulysses, in spite of its unusual frankness, I do not detect anywhere the leer of the sensualist…my considered opinion, after long reflection, is that whilst in many places the effect of Ulysses on the reader undoubtedly is somewhat emetic, nowhere does it tend to beRead more..

Paddy & Aedín Moloney’s “Reflections of Molly Bloom”

Just in time for Bloomsday, June 16th, actress/producer Aedin Moloney and her father, Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains, are releasing Reflections of Molly Bloom, a two-volume collaborative recording featuring Aedin Moloney’s renowned interpretation and performance of “Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy” from James Joyce’s Ulysses, complimented with music by Paddy. A record release party will be heldRead more..

Weekly Comment:
It’s Bloomsday, Would You Buy a $45,000 Signed Edition of Ulysses?

Each year on June 16, bibliophiles celebrate Bloomsday in tribute to the day of wandering undertaken by the protagonist of James Joyce’s famously dense Ulysses, Leopold Bloom. Though it may be one of the most famous days in literature, a running joke about Ulysses is that it’s the most famous book most people haven’t read.Read more..

The Mighty John Quinn, Defender of Ulysses

John Quinn, the New York lawyer, originally from Ohio, has a taste for Picassos, Wyndham Lewises, Rousseaus, Augustus John, and Matisses. He also owned all of Conrad’s manuscripts and the first draft of Eliot’s The Waste Land. But he never forgot his Irish roots and in his support of Yeats, Joyce, and Synge, he wasRead more..

Bloomsday in New York (Photos)

Fans of James Joyce celebrated “Bloomsday” around the world this past week on Thursday, June 16th and New York was no exception. ℘℘℘ Bloomsday is named for Leopold Bloom, the chief protagonist in Joyce’s groundbreaking groundbreaking novel Ulysses, to whom a lot happens over the course of one day – June 16th 1904. It’s believed that Joyce choseRead more..

Bloomsday 2015: Global Irish
Celebrate Joyce’s Ulysses

Literary fireworks are once again set to go off all over the world as nations celebrate Bloomsday on June 16. Celebrated in honor of Leopold Bloom, the quixotic wanderer in James Joyce’s classic novel Ulysses, a smorgasbord of literary revivals and readings will take place in Ireland and across the globe. Bloom, who may haveRead more..

2013 Bloomsday Follows the Sun from Auckland to San Francisco

This Sunday, June 16th, is Bloomsday, the annual celebration of the events of James Joyce’s Ulysses, which is set on June 16, 1904. Since its inception in Dublin on the 50th anniversary of Leopold Bloom’s fictional peregrinations, Bloomsday has followed the germinating spores of the Irish diaspora and become a worldwide phenomenon. While events inRead more..

Bloomsday 2012 – Celebrations Around the World

This Saturday, June 16th, people around the world will recognize Bloomsday, the annual celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses. The specific date of June 16th has two significant meanings: it was the day of Joyce’s first outing in 1904 with Nora Barnacle, the woman who would become his wife, and is also the date on whichRead more..

Chicago in Bloom

Following on the heels of the very successful run of Tom Murphy’s Bailegangaire, Irish Repertory of Chicago’s 2004 season resumes in June with the world premiere staging of A Dublin Bloom, an adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses. This production is Irish Rep’s contribution to the worldwide “Bloomsday 100” celebration, marking one hundred years since theRead more..