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Colleen Coda

Colleen Coda is managing director in the Blackstone Innovations group. She runs technology for the private equity family of businesses in addition to several major corporate initiatives enabling the firm to identify ways to reduce risk, create efficiency, enable new business and / or create competitive advantage using technology and process. In her eight yearsRead more..

Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is a senior managing director and the CTO at Blackstone, leading the Blackstone Innovations team. Bill is responsible for the firm’s use of technology along with managing a strategic technology investment portfolio. As part of this role Bill serves on several boards of directors of investments along with the board of the BlackstoneRead more..

Bill Mulrow

Bill Mulrow is a senior advisor at Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms. Before rejoining the firm in 2017, he served as Secretary to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the highest appointive office in New York State and the chief aide of the governor. Over a career of more than 30 years, Bill’s areas of expertiseRead more..