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Threat to Peace from
Loyalist Bombers

Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) have carried out more than 50 sectarian attacks on Catholics. since the New Year. In early February an old girl lifted a pipe from her garden and carried it into her home. Little Cleona Magee’s brush with death at her west Belfast home sparked off a chorus of condemnation aimed atRead more..

News from Ireland:
The Marching Season –
Less Violence This Year

For the first time in many years, the marching season in Northern Ireland occurs against a backdrop of relatively stable political institutions. Yet as with other years, the marches erupted into almost two weeks of rioting, hijacking, and arson throughout the state. Loyalist areas descended into a state of near anarchy as Orangemen and LoyalistRead more..

News from Ireland: Loyalist Feud Erupts in N. Ireland

A feud between two Loyalist paramilitary groups has brought British troops back to the streets of Belfast. Fighting between the Ulster Defense Association (U.D.A.) and the Ulster Volunteer Force (U.V.F.) erupted in August after the U.D.A. organized a parade of uniformed and masked men carrying U.D.A. banners down the Shankill Road in military formation. ThisRead more..