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Thomas F. Troy

Tom Troy assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Senior Managing Director in June 2004. Before joining Bear Wagner Specialists, he spent 20 years at Merrill Lynch. Troy was most recently Senior Vice President responsible for Global Financing. Prior to that, he had served as Head of Merrill Lynch’s Institutional Equity Business for theRead more..

Alfred E. Smith IV

Alfred E. Smith is Managing Director of Wagner Stott Bear Specialists LLC, where he has been since 1997. Smith began his career as an independent member floor broker of the New York Stock Exchange before joining Mitchell-Hutchins and becoming vice president. He then went on to become a partner at CMJ partners, New York. HeRead more..

Kevin M. Fee

Kevin Fee is a managing director at Bear Wagner Specialists LLC. He joined the firm in 1991 and has been a specialist since 1995. Currently a floor official and a member of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) Market Share Committee, Fee is also one of several senior level specialists designated as a team captain,Read more..