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Irish Eye on Hollywood: Traveling Back in Time

It would make sense if Outlander – with its Irish cast and time-traveling concept – inspired Irish writer and director Steve Kenny to create his film Time Traveller, which may well earn an Academy Award for Best Short Film. But the real inspiration was the 1980s classic Back to the Future. Time Traveller is aboutRead more..

What Would Jimmy Do?
“Jimmy’s Hall” at Tribeca

In August 1933, James Gralton became the only Irish citizen to have been deported from Ireland. Despite having no evidence to substantiate their charge that he was a subversive communist, de Valera’s government, in collusion with the Catholic Church and complacent county politicians, forcibly removed Gralton from his country without trial. He never returned and diedRead more..

What Are You Like?
Actor Barry Ward

Actor Barry Ward, 32, plays the lead role in Jimmy’s Hall, directed by Ken Loach with a screenplay by Paul Laverty, the movie is based on the life of Leitrim man James “Jimmy” Gralton, who returned from the U.S. in the early 1930s and set up the local hall as a place for young peopleRead more..