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Irish America On
Airlift To Baghdad

Three months after 9/11, New York Fire Department chief Larry Connors flew to Afghanistan with a humanitarian aid airlift sponsored by the Diageo beverage distributing company and the U.S. State Department. Another firefighter, two New York police officers, reporters, and aid workers were part of the group. This past June, the same contingent of 18Read more..

Women Warriors

Irish women in the army from the Civil War to today. ℘℘℘ On May 18, 1863, Private Albert D. J. Cashier was among the many Union soldiers under General Ulysses S. Grant who took part in the infamous siege of Vicksburg. The Union army shelled the city relentlessly for weeks, and during the course ofRead more..

Kabul Pub Is No More

In the last issue we wrote about Kabul’s new Irish pub. Well, it seems that the publicity did not do the pub, frequented by off-duty aid workers and American Embassy personnel, any good. Under warnings of bomb threats, the Irish owners decided to close down. Alcohol is banned in Afghanistan, but the pub had beenRead more..

Photo Album: On the Town

Cigarette in mouth and mates by his side, Corporal James L. O’Brien stands on a street in Paris in 1918. O’Brien and his friend, Pat Donovan (far left) joined “because we felt it was the right thing to do. Quite a few of our friends had been drafted.” Assigned to recruitment duty in Washington D.C.,Read more..