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The Diaspora Commemorates 1916: International Events

How the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising was commemorated throughout the world. ℘℘℘  CANADA What Ireland’s Ambassador to Canada Ray Bassett had in mind when he outlined 1916 Easter Rising commemorations in 2016 was sea-to-sea participation. And that’s what unfolded, scores of examples playing out from Halifax to Vancouver. He said, “the commemoration of 1916Read more..

Celtic Argentina

Despite Argentina’s historical ties to Ireland, prior to 1979 there was a glaring absence in the Irish-Argentine cultural exchange: Irish dance. Adam Farley talks to Dominique Dure, the director of Celtic Argentina School of Irish Dance about how that changed. It started when Christine Rasmussen, an educator from Buenos Aires, traveled to Ireland in 1978Read more..

The Southern Cross

An interview with the editor-in-chief, Dr. Guillermo MacLoughlin. Approaching its 140th anniversary, the Buenos Aires-based newspaper The  Southern Cross is the oldest continuously published periodical of the Irish diaspora. To put it in perspective, the oldest U.S. Irish publication, New York’s Irish Echo, only just turned 84. Founded January 16, 1875 by Dean Patrick Dillon,Read more..

A Day in Capitan Sarmiento

The alarm clock rang. My consciousness slowly roused. 5:30, the illuminated digital figures hazily proclaimed. I steadily regained my faculties after what amounted to about four hours sleep. What in God’s name was I doing getting up at this unearthly time? I was supposed to be on vacation. Forty-five minutes later, following a tepid showerRead more..

Argentine Irish Leader Passes

Dr. Mario Dolan, who founded the Irish Argentine Society in 1987, died on October 3, in New York City. The group’s main goal as the promotion of relationships between the descendants of the Irish who emigrated all over South America with those in the U.S. and Ireland. Dolan also worked tirelessly to raise funds to supportRead more..