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James J. Houlihan

James J. Houlihan is a graduate of Manhattan Preparatory School (1970) and of Fordham University School of Business (Gabelli School of Business 1974). He represents the fourth of five generations in a family business, Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC, founded in 1891 by his great-grandfather, Daniel Houlihan. Mr. Houlihan is the managing principal of his multi-faceted commercialRead more..

The Great Hunger and the Celtic Gene

Thomas P. Duffy MD of the Yale School of Medicine explores why certain people survived the Great Hunger and reasons that the answer may lie in their gene pool. Shortly after the great Irish famine of 1847-49, the initial description appeared, in 1865, of a fatal disorder that compromised the liver and pancreas and resultedRead more..

Hunger and its Children

Schizophrenia and other diseases associated with starvation. The outward physical consequences of famine and severe malnutrition have been long known. They are the same everywhere. In his recent history of the Irish Famine, The Graves Are Walking, John Kelly describes them this way: “In the later stages of starvation, the eyelids inflame, the angular linesRead more..

Fordham Law to Host Famine Tribunal

UPDATE: The Irish Famine Tribunal has been rescheduled for April 2013 due to overwhelming requests and limited seating capacity at the original venue. It is still to be held at Fordham. Specific dates will follow. More than 150 years after the fact, a tribunal examining the Irish Famine will be held at Fordham Law SchoolRead more..

Dr. John L. Lahey

President of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut for over 25 years, Dr. John L. Lahey  is as dedicated to leadership and education as he is to his Irish ancestry. The Quinnipiac campus, its unprecedented Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, and Dr. Lahey’s work with the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee are all testamentsRead more..

Dr. John L. Lahey:
2011 Irish American of the Year

The president of Quinnipiac University is honored as a leading educator and keeper of our heritage. When John L. Lahey was a boy, he once accompanied his father, a hard-working bricklayer, to a worksite. He wanted to see what his father’s job was all about, and to try it out for himself. His grandfather, DanielRead more..

The Hannah: An Irish Odyssey

The story of The Hannah, an Irish famine ship that hit an iceberg in 1849, is now a documentary. John Kernaghan explains how it happened and how Irish America played a part. Paddy Murphy’s body is slowly being stilled by a degenerative disease, but his eyes are alive, bright and knowing as he struggles toRead more..

100th Anniversary of Celtic Cross at Grosse Île

“Children of the Gael died in the thousands on this island having fled from the laws of the foreign tyrants and an artificial famine in the years 1847-48. God’s loyal blessing upon them. Let this monument be a token to their name and honour from the Gaels of America. God Save Ireland.” – Inscription onRead more..

International Relief Efforts During the Famine

The Irish government designated 17 May 2009 as the first National Famine Memorial Day. On that day, Irish people throughout the world remembered and honored the victims of Ireland’s Great Hunger – which to this day remains one of the most lethal famines of the modern era. Out of a population of eight-and-a-half million, overRead more..

An Epic Story of The Famine Irish: Peter Quinn

A crowd of admirers awaited Peter Quinn when he came to Glucksman Ireland House, NYU on October 16th to launch Overlook Press’s new edition of his award winning novel, Banished Children of Eve, the tale of Irish-Americans in New York during the Civil War.  Many had read the much praised novel that celebrated writer WilliamRead more..