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Frederick Douglass
and Irish Home Rule

Born a slave, Frederick Douglass died as a champion of human rights, and Ireland played an important role in his political awakening. ℘℘℘ In 1845, Ireland provided a safe refuge to Frederick Douglass, a 27-year-old “fugitive” slave from America. Douglass described his four months in the country as the “happiest times” in his life andRead more..

The Postman Only Brings Once

In this modern age there isn’t a lot of practical difference between traveling to a foreign country and moving to live in one. Both acts entail a degree of psychic upheaval, which is, after all, the point. They both require a certain level of packing, and in either case you have to make some arrangementsRead more..

An American in Ireland

Somewhat Removed. ℘℘℘ There was death in Roscommon Town tonight. The street outside Smith’s Funeral Home (which occupies a sad plot opposite the local livestock mart) was packed with cars. As I threaded my way through the crowd, I recognized a few neighbors who were going in. We waved, and I felt a twinge ofRead more..