A Beautiful Success

After 22 movies Jennifer Connelly is an overnight success. Penelope Dening talks to the winner of the Best Supporting actress academy Award. ℘℘℘ A blur of bodies block the corridor, voices muffled to a hum by carpets thick as fur. At the center a slight figure in black (spike-heeled boots, leather trousers, off-the shoulder lace) extricates herself and moves towards me. Like a painting by...

Patricia Harty - Editor-in-Chief.

The Fist Word:
A Touch of the Poet

By standing shoulder to shoulder, hope for the future will triumph over the hurt of the past.” – President of Ireland, Mary McAleese ℘℘℘ We were delighted to see Jennifer Connelly (cover story) take home the Oscar for her performance in A Beautiful Mind. Connelly is not only a beautiful star, but she’s also a hell of an actress with a great mind. In this interview with...


Steppin’ Out in Scotland

The 32nd World Irish dance championships were held inGlasgow and drew dancers from around the world. David Kirkwood reports. Photography by Paul McSherry. ℘℘℘ Scotland, for ten days in spring, became the world Mecca for Irish dancing when dancers from across the globe descended on Glasgow. The 32nd World Irish Dancing Championships, Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2002, was held in the Clyde...


Robert Ballagh :
The Land and The Irish

In his latest work, Irish artist Robert Ballagh explores the relationship between the Irish and the land. ℘℘℘ March 10, 2002, New York: Looking remarkably fresh after a long plane fide from Dublin, artist Robert Ballagh took time to show me around the recent exhibition of his new paintings that were displayed so beautifully at the Irish Arts Center for an exhibition entitled “Tír is...


World Cup Fever

In our dreams we take out Spain, beat England on penalties and Jason McAteer scores the winning goal against Brazil in the World Cup Final. The Carlsberg beer ad which is running in Ireland at the moment may only be wishful thinking, but as the nation gears up for the greatest sporting occasion of the year, there is growing optimism that Mick McCarthy and the lads will do us proud over the next...