The Sporting Life

From King Kelly to Mark McGuire, Ron Kaplan traces the Irish influence in baseball.  ℘℘℘ Irish ballplayers have helped to shape baseball ever since the game took its first foundering steps on the playing fields of New York and New Jersey over 150 years ago. Their impact is still felt. While no official organ of the game keeps records of ethnicity, one only has to glance through one of the...

Jimmy Wechsler said, “Have you ever thought about becoming a newspaperman?” I said “Yeah.”
He says, “You want to try it?” I said, “Yeah.”
Photo: Kit DeFever.

Forever Hamill

Pete Hamill, not unlike Cormac, the hero of his novel Forever, lives in the Five Points area of downtown Manhattan where the streets teem with immigrants just as they did back in the founding days of the city when Hamill’s hero emigrates from Northern Ireland. (On the day of our interview Hamill had yet to see Gangs of New York which is also set in the Five Points). Hamill’s...

Forever by Pete Hamill.

The Journey to America

This excerpt from Pete Hamill’s novel Forever takes place aboard a ship bound for New York. ℘℘℘ Holding a lantern, Mr. Partridge showed Cormac the next deck, and for the first time he saw the deck of the emigrants. They lived in four rows of bunks hammered together from rough plank, with no bedding supplied by the ship, jackets serving as pillows, coats as blankets. All slept in...

Patricia Harty - Editor-in-Chief.

First Word: The Hands That Built America

“Oh my love, it’s a long way we’ve come.” – U2, “The Hands That Built America” ℘℘℘ I’m glad I read Pete Hamill’s book Forever before I saw the movie Gangs of New York. While I enjoyed the movie, the real story of the Five Points and the beginnings of New York City, which really was the foundation of what America was to become, is far more...

The Columbia Three: Martin McCauley, James Monaghan, and Niall Connolly.

On Trial in Colombia

The trial of three Irishmen in Colombia will resume on February 5 after a hearing in December ended in disarray. The so-called ‘Colombia Three’ — James Monaghan (56), Martin McCauley (40) and Niall Connolly (36) — are charged with assisting FARC rebels in a guerrilla campaign against the state government. The three men, all with links to Sinn Féin, have protested their...