Denis Leary Honors
New York’s Heroes

It’s an unseasonably balmy October night a little ever a month since the tragedy of September 11 and a well-heeled crowd has gathered at the trendy Park restaurant in Manhattan for a benefit organized by Denis Leary’s Firefighter’s Foundation to raise money for the families of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on that terrible day. ℘℘℘ To the backdrop of Celtic...

Patricia Harty - Editor-in-Chief.

The First Word:
Love Lights Up The Darkness

“We want to tell the people of Afghanistan that we don’t hold them responsible for the actions of a few terrorists…. As Americans, we’re bigger than Sept. 11.” – Emergency Service Unit Detective Thomas McDonald ℘℘℘ The New Year is approaching fast as I write this in late December. Looking back on what started out as such a hopeful year, it is hard to see back...


Firefighters Honored
by Dublin Counterparts

Fire fighter Sean Cummins from Dublin, who works out of Squad One in Brooklyn, New York, narrowly escaped death in the Twin Towers disaster on September 11. He was scheduled to work that day, and had traded time off with a colleague because he wanted to drop his mother, Marie, to the airport. She was returning to Ireland after visiting her son, his wife, Maureen, and their three little girls at...


Dublin Woman Returns Home
to Heal After Sept. 11

In December, Dublin woman Angela O’Reilly, 34, who lost her husband, in the World Trade Center attack moved back to Ireland from her previous home in Farmingdale, Long Island. Her husband of twelve years, Police Officer Vincent Danz, driving his Emergency Service Police Truck from the Bronx, reached the World Trade Center soon after the planes hit on September 11 and was last seen entering...


Fury Over Claim That Omagh
Bomb Warnings Were Ignored

A report on the Omagh atrocity has heavily criticized the controversial Special Branch of the Northern Irish police force for allegedly failing to act on an informer’s warning that dissident republicans intended to launch an attack in the County Tyrone town. A wave of disgust greeted the news that the warning had been received 11 days before the massive Real IRA bomb ripped the heart out of...