Chris Matthews Interrupted

Niall O’Dowd interviews Chris Matthews of CNBC’s Hardball, one of prime time’s most popular programs. ℘℘℘ If Chris Matthews were a cat, curiosity would have killed him long ago. In our 90-minute interview in a Washington restaurant he asked as many questions as he fielded and he ranged over practically every major world problem, offering opinions, facts and speculations on...

Irish America's Annual Business 100.

Irish America’s Annual Business 100: Who They Are

“There is no denying the influence of American business on the Republic of Ireland. The economy in Ireland has grown more than any other European Union country, and the 585 American companies doing business there have contributed significantly to this success” –U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Richard Egan ℘℘℘ This year’s Business 100 is indeed a celebration of Irish...

Patricia Harty - Editor-in-Chief.

First Word: The Good Luck of Bad Luck

“Lady Luck generally woos those who earnestly, enthusiastically, unremittingly woo her.” — B.C. Forbes ℘℘℘ Much is said of the Luck of the Irish. What luck? you might ask. A look at our long history of trials and tribulations would surely say we were dogged by bad luck. As John Lennon wrote in a song entitled “The Luck of the Irish,” “If you had the luck...

Susan Davis, Chairperson U.S.-Ireland Business Summit, At the opening session of the Washington Conference.

The U.S.-Ireland
Business Summit

A conference in Washington to strengthen economic ties. ℘℘℘ Approximately 450 heavy hitters in business, academia and politics from both sides of the Atlantic descended on Washington D.C. in early September for the U.S.-Ireland Business Summit. Adopting the theme “Redefining Relationships,” the conference aimed to strengthen economic ties between the U.S. and Ireland in the...

"Irish" Mickey Ward

The Fighting Irish

“Irish” Mickey Ward takes on Arturo Gatti again for $1.2 million ℘℘℘ Mickey Ward is a fighter. That’s the first thing to know about him. Outside the ring, he’s soft spoken and likeable. Inside the squared circle, he’s something else. On May 18, 2002, Ward stepped into the ring against Arturo Gatti. It was a memorable fight marked by unremitting punishment and...